Timber Measuring System
for Belt Conveyors

Application for measuring logs and cut-outs moved by a belt or other conveyor.

Each measured log and cutout is registered in the database. The total number of pieces and the total wood volume per shift is displayed on a light display or monitor so that workers have an immediate overview of their work performance

Application Properties

  • measurement of logs, cutouts, prisms and boards
  • automatic data transfer to the office

Measuring Properties

The diameter is measured in two axes perpendicular to each other along the entire length of the log at least every 3 cm.

The length is measured from the movement of the belt conveyor.

  • vertical axis with an accuracy of ± 0.5 cm
  • horizontal axis with an accuracy of ±1,0 cm
  • length with an accuracy of 1 %
Wood measuring system for belt conveyors SMPD - main screen

Screenshots from the Measurement Application

Wood measuring system for belt conveyors SMPD - suppliers
Wood measuring system for belt conveyors SMPD - PDF export
Wood measuring system for belt conveyors SMPD - wood selection
Wood measuring system for belt conveyors SMPD - history of measured items

Control Program Properties

  • measurement of logs, prisms and boards
  • support for fully automatic operation without operator intervention
  • touch screen control support
  • calculation of wood wolume, curvature, convergence and subtraction of the bark, etc. according to Czech standards
  • parameters recorded for each piece
    • processing time
    • length, center diameter, pin diameter, quality etc.
    • curvature, convergence etc.
  • registration of each piece in the database
  • remote data browsing
  • compliance with the cutting plan
  • reporting and printing of reports
  • export of data in PDF, CSV, XLS and other formats

Use Case

The measuring device is usually located at the entrance to the log yard, which allows you to monitor how many pieces with which volume the log yard can process during one shift.

The production manager can browse the database of processed logs online to know the exact course of processing. The manager can monitor employee productivity, work shifts and the factory.