Wood measuring system
for conveyors

The application is designed for measuring logs, prisms and boards which are being moved by conveyor. Every measured item is recorded in database. Total count and volume of the items process by one working shift can be displayed on the large screen for better motivation of the employees.

Application features

  • measuring long and shor logs, prisms and boards
  • automatic transferring of all data to the office

Measuring parameters

Measuring of the diameter is performed in two perpendicular axes in the full length of the log at least every 3 cm. Length is measured by the movement of the conveyor.

  • vertical axis precision ±0,5 cm
  • horizontal axis precision ±1,0 cm
  • length precision 1%
Wood measuring system for conveyors - main screen

Application screenshots

Wood measuring system for conveyors - suppliers
Wood measuring system for conveyors - PDF export
Wood measuring system for conveyors - wood selection
History of measured items

Application parameters

  • measuring of logs, prims and boards
  • support for completely automatic run
  • support for touch screen control
  • calculation of cubage, curvature, bark thickness etc. by the czech standards
  • parameters recorded by every log
    • processing time
    • length, center diameter, pin diameter, quality etc.
    • curvature, convergence etc.
  • storing logs in database
  • remote data browsing
  • checking the cutting plan
  • reporting and report printing
  • export data as PDF, CSV, XLS and other formats

Use case

Measuring device is usually placed at the input of logs to the production hall. Production manager can online browse the database of processed logs to know the exact progress of the processing. Manager can monitor productivity of the employees, working shifts and factory.