Electronic Measuring
and Handling Systems
of wood mass

Icon - Log Measurement

Log measurement

We measure entire logs or even cutouts.
We measure up to 67 317 logs per year on an average sawmill using the SMPD application for measurements on belt conveyors.

Icon - Data Processing

Data processing

Accurate registration of measured values and storing in database. Operation with stocks, the ability to photograph logs, storing data in a sawmill's central database.

Icon - Advanced Reports

Advanced reports

We create statistics and reports according to your needs. Data can be exported in many data formats - PDF, Excel, CSV or custom data sets.

Our electronic measurement systems are especially suitable for:

log yard


band saws and sawmill edgers

belt conveyors

Wood measurement process for sawmills

Card 1

The cutout is measured at the entrance to the sawmill's processing hall.

Card 2

Measured parameters, including the history of previous logs, are displayed on the monitor.

Card 3

Measured data are stored in a local database and automatically transferred to the sawmill's central database to the office.

Card 4

Measured data can be used for payroll preparation, sawmill power control, for invoicing etc.

More information about wood measurement

Advantages of digital measurement

Icon - Installation


without modifying the existing production process

Icon - Automation


increasing the level of production automation

Icon - Productivity


increasing work productivity

Icon - Simplicity


easy to use

Icon - Production


overview of production state and performance

Icon - Staff Performance

Staff performance

overview of staff and operations performance

Icon - Invoicing and Payroll Services

Invoicing and payroll services

invoicing and payroll documents

Icon - Data Export

Data export

data export in many formats from PDF to custom