Timber Measuring
and Manipulation System II

The application is designed to simplify the process of measuring and cutting logs in a log yard more efficient and convenient.

The delivered log or cutout is measured using electronic non-contact measuring system and is clearly displayed to the operator on the control panel, including all necessary parameters such as length, center diameter, volume, curvature etc.

During handling, the control panel shows at which point of the log the cut will be made, including the current data on the diameter of the log at the point of cut.

All parameters of all logs and cut logs are stored in the database for later reporting.

Application Properties

  • measurement and manipulation of logs and cutouts
  • records of logs and cutouts on delivery notes
  • records of cutouts in stocks
  • automatic data transfer to the office

Measuring Properties

The diameter is measured in two axes perpendicular to each other along the entire length of the log at least every 3 cm.

The length is measured from the movement of the sawmill line.

  • vertical axis with an accuracy of ± 0.5 cm
  • horizontal axis with an accuracy of ±1,0 cm
  • length with an accuracy of 1 %
Timber measuring and manipulation system II SMMDH2 - main screen

Screenshots and Videos
from the Measurement Application

Wood measuring and manipulation system II SMMDH2 - stocks
Wood measuring and manipulation system II SMMDH2 - stocks' settings
Wood measuring and manipulation system II SMMDH2 - delivery selection

Control Program Properties

  • touch screen control support
  • clear and easy to read user interface
  • long log cutting mode
  • mode of acceptance of multiple cutouts at the same time
  • calculation of cubature, curvature, convergence and subtraction of the bark, etc. according to Czech standards
  • parameters recorded for each log and cutout
    • supplier, date of delivery and number
    • processing time, operator name
    • length, center diameter, pin diameter, quality etc.
    • curvature, convergence etc.
    • photo of a wooden log
  • sorting and registration of logs and cutouts in stocks
  • registration of logs and cutouts in the database
  • remote data browsing
  • reporting and printing of reports
  • export of data in PDF, CSV, XLS and other formats
  • Melco software compatibility

Use case

The measuring application is usually installed on a Baljer-Zembrod sorting and transport sawmill line.

A new delivery of raw logs is imported into the log yard. The line operator enters the delivery details using the touch control and starts the cutting and sorting process. He places the log on the handling line, starts the measurement and crosses the handling line around the log once. The log is displayed on the control panel. The operator divides the log into the required number of cutouts and selects the quality of the wood for the log and each cutout using the touch control. The measuring application decides which stock the cutout belongs to, informs the operator and records all data about the log and cutouts in the database. The operator will deliver the individual cutouts to the recommended stocks. This completes the handling of one log and can be continued with another log.

The production manager can browse the database of manipulated logs directly from the office and thus has an overview of the handling status. He can also create documents with a detailed record of the handling of a specific delivery etc. These documents can serve as invoicing documents.