How does the digital measurement
of wooden logs work?

Item 1

The Supplier will bring the logs to the sawmill's log yard.

The Supplier will bring the logs to the sawmill's log yard.
Item 2

Using the SMMDH2 application, the worker measures and processes delivered logs into cutouts or just performs a revision of the delivered cutouts.

Measurement and Manipulation
Item 3

SMMDH2 stores both the delivered logs and the cutouts in the database.

SMMDH2 - saves logs and cutouts to the database
Item 4

SMMDH2 decides according to the length, diameter and quality of the cutout to which stock the log will be assigned.

SMMDH2 - decides to which stock the log will be assigned.
Item 5

SMMDH2 stores inventory status information in a database.

SMMDH2 stores inventory status information in a database.
Item 6

The data is automatically and almost immediately transferred to the central database of the sawmill to the PC in the office (smdhServer).

Instant Data Transfer - SMDH Server
Item 7

The production manager can check the state of logs and cutouts in all stocks online (smdhReport).

Data stored in PC - SMDH Report
Item 8

The accountant uses her/his PC to find out the performance of employees and shifts for the last month and can prepare their salaries (smidReport).

Calculation of employee salaries - SMDH Report
Item 9

The log buyer generates an overview of the delivery of a specific supplier on his PC and performs invoicing with the supplier (smdhReport).

Invoice with Supplier - SMDH Report