Timber Measuring System
for Sawmill Edgers

The application is designed for automatic measuring and edging of the raw boards. Before entering the saw edger, the surface of the board is measured and the width of the saw edger is set on the basis of the measured data.

The system works completely automatically. Each measured piece is registered in the database, including all resulting parameters such as length, minimal board width, edge dimensions etc. The total number of pieces and the total wood volume per shift is displayed on a light display or monitor.

Application Properties

  • measurement of processed boards
  • control of the edging machine
  • automatic data transfer to the office

Measuring Properties

The measurement of the board width is performed by a profile laser along the entire length of the board. The length of the board is measured from the movement of the conveyor. It is also possible to measure the board thickness.

  • board width with an accuracy of ±1,0 cm
  • board thickness with an accuracy of ±0,3 cm
  • length with an accuracy of 1 %
Wood measuring system for sawmill edgers SMMOP - main screen

Screenshots from the Measurement Application

Wood measuring system for sawmill edgers SMMOP - board surface analysis
Wood measuring system for sawmill edgers SMMOP - history of measured items

Control Program Properties

  • support for fully automatic operation without operator intervention
  • touch screen control support
  • parameters recorded for each log
    • processing time
    • length, measured width, width for edging, thickness etc.
    • margins, volume etc.
  • registration of each piece in the database
  • remote data browsing
  • reporting and printing of reports
  • export of data in PDF, CSV, XLS and other formats

Use case

The measuring device is installed at the imput of the edging machine. The measured board profile is analyzed and the calculated parameters are used to set up the edging machine. The manager can monitor machine and employee productivity.